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Effective representation for Commercial Roofing claims

CCR uses industry accepted engineering standards and methods in the determination of damage from storms along with a solid history of insurance claims and repair experience to achieve better results for customers. We provide professional reports to the customer and insurance companies and work with adjusters and engineers to establish appropriate payment to customers for insured damages. We access national data bases to establish loss dates and provide storm data in our reports.



Hail and other storm damage assessment requires different methodology depending upon the type of roof. Normally visual inspection soon after a storm by qualified personnel can determine the nature and extent of damages. However, in some cases lab testing of core samples and thermal imaging are needed to determine whether or not a roof warrants full replacement. Aged roofs and gravel ballasted roofs normally require extra evaluation to prove the extent of damage.


Claim Representation

Examples of Claim differentials where CCR was contracted to represent customers and complete repairs Warehouse Roof – initial estimate by insurance $180,000 for recoating – final settlement $1,006,000 for replacement Manufacturing Facility – initial offer $440,000 – final payment $635,000 Shopping Mall – Insurance company denied any damage, CCR proved damage and roof was totaled for $1,103,000 Apartment Complex – Insurance company denied damage, final outcome – roofs totaled and paid $567,137



  • Built up roofs
  • Modified Bitumen
  • TPO
  • Epdm
  • Pvc
  • Metal and Shingled roofs

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