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    Pests and Preventive Roofing Maintenance: What Animals Cause the Most Roof Damage? -


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    Depending on where you live, birds, insects and other pests can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Some birds might build their nests on your roof, introducing harmful debris that could clog your gutters and even damage the roof directly. Squirrels and possums can also cause at least some damage either by damaging your shingles and flashing directly or just through their constant marches across sensitive parts of your roof.

    When it comes to rodents, birds, insects and other pests, you can never be too careful. Pooling and clogged gutters can often increase the amount of water or moisture on your roof, which attracts a lot of these animals. Termites and other wood-damaging insects are the biggest threat if you use wood shakes or other wooden accessories in your roof. Additionally, if you own wooden roofing products, you also have to be careful about woodpeckers.

    Leaks are common if you have problems with squirrels, rats and other rodents. These will often make their way through the most sensitive areas of your roof by digging holes through them, which would naturally lead to leaks and further damage. Consider hiring metal roofing San Antonio contractors. If these animals make it through your roof, aside from the havoc they can wreak by chewing through your food supplies, they can also damage insulation and paint, while doing anything from leaving droppings to spreading disease.

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