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    Almost 75% of roofers work in the roofing contractors sector, which means that 1 in 5 is self-employed. Working as a roofer requires particular skills and physical strength, as it involves activities like climbing, lifting and kneeling. This job also demands good team working skills.

    Before starting to work in the roofing sector, know that you will likely have a full-time schedule. However, in northern states, roofing work is on timeout during the winter, due to harsh weather conditions that make some specific operations impossible.

    If you want to become a qualified roofing San Antonio contractor, you can choose from several career paths. You can become a carpenter, a construction laborer and helper, a flooring installer, a masonry workers, a sheet metal worker, a solar photovoltaic installer etc.

    There are no specific study requirements for roof workers, although there are technical schools, in some areas, that offer specialized courses. However, vocational education, math, mechanical drawing, or blueprint readings are also considered helpful.

    Roofers’ training is much more important and consists of professional instruction on using roofing tools, equipment and materials. It takes a few years for a roofer to become experienced in working with all types of materials and on all types of roofs; most of them choose to specialize only on some types. Apprenticeships typically last 3 years and include about 2,000 hours of training (on-the-job and paid).

    Source: Live Site