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    The roof designs and roof types used in a specific geographical area are largely determined by the climate of area. In the case of San Antonio roofing designs, the roofs on local properties need to be able to withstand the hardships caused by the region’s humid subtropical climate that comes with extremely hot, humid weather in summer (winters in the area are very mild, snow is very rare, so the period between fall and spring is very forbidding with roofs). Here are a few of the most efficient roof designs and materials used successfully in the area:

    – Steep roofs – a roof that features a steep slope is more suitable for areas where buildings need to withstand heavy rainfall. San Antonio being one of the most flood-prone areas in the US and with the floods being usually caused by excessive raining, the roofs that work best in the area are the ones that prevent the accumulation of water on the roof surface.

    – Solar reflectivity – San Antonio roofs can be efficient only if they can reflect the sun’s radiant heat as well. This can be achieved either by using light-colored materials on the roof or by applying special reflective coating.

    – Ventilation – the best roof design for San Antonio is one that incorporates advanced ventilation features, such as above-sheathing ventilation (ASV) to prevent damage caused by mold, rot or the appearance of fungus.

    Source: Live Site