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    winter roofing ice storms

    Before winter comes, building owners must consider a roof inspection and some maintenance roofing Austin operations, such as cleaning the gutters and downspouts by removing dead leaves and other debris.

    If the roof has attic windows, they must be inspected too. For a good protection of the wooden elements, it is recommended to varnish them periodically, at an interval of 2-3 years, depending on the operating conditions and the manufacturer’s indications, using adequate cleaning substances and varnishes.

    Leaves and other debris that tend to accumulate around the attic windows must be periodically removed, and in winter, the snow and ice must be cleaned from the frames to ensure proper drainage of the resulted water.

    For all interventions on the roof (regardless of its type), workers use special protection to avoid stepping directly on the roof – there is a danger of deformation and deterioration that may lead to infiltrations.

    It is forbidden to pierce the roof for mounting various accessories (solar panels, antennas, lightning protection system etc.) without technical assistance from the installation technicians. For all these operations, special accessories and sealing systems must be used, to avoid water infiltrations.

    Additionally, before the arrival of the cold season, it is a good time to install efficient thermal insulation and a high-performance vapor barrier.