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    One of the most frequent reasons for roof damage is water gathering and pooling on it. This occurs when the gutter guards and gutters themselves are not maintained properly and do not allow water to drain properly. No matter what type of roof your house has, it can become vulnerable to water collecting on it over time and should be evaluated by a roofing San Antonio expert.

    The Most Dangerous Problems Water Can Cause to Roofs

    1. Structural Damage

    If water damage is not detected in time, the damage to the roof will expand from a single point of infiltration to larger areas. Once water has found its way through the roof, it will continue to corrode it until you may have to replace an important portion of the roof – or all of it.

    2. Mold and Fungus in the Insulation

    Insulation is usually made of fiberglass blanket or polystyrene boards. Both materials will absorb water if it leaks from a crack in the roof. Combined with the heat from your house, you have the perfect conditions for the occurrence of mold and fungus. From the insulation, it is a matter of time until these health hazards get into the walls and even in the very air your family members breathe.

    3. Risk of Fire

    Electrical wires are usually hidden behind the roof and under insulation panels for aesthetic and safety reasons. However, if your roof is damaged by water and starts leaking, the water can cause damage to the electrical wires, cause a spark and, ultimately, provoke a fire that could destroy your home and the lives of your loved ones.

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