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    Spring is a capricious season, with heavy rains and high winds when you least expect them. In order to avoid accidents, you should make sure that the fixtures installed on your roof, such as TV antennae, vents and solar panels, are properly secured.

    Here are some simple safety precautions you should consider:

    1. Manually Check the Fixtures

    Taking the adequate safety measures (harness, ladder) go up the roof and check whether the fixtures are moving using your hands only. If you feel the slightest movement, this could be a problem – just imagine what a thunderstorm could do to the fixtures if you can shake them with your bare hands.

    2. Look at the Area around the Fixtures

    The condition of flashing and the roof tiles around the fixtures is a good indicator of how secure they are. If you notice dents, cracks and other signs of damage, this means that the antenna or solar panel is not properly fixed. You should call a team of specialists to do that before the next major storm hits your area.

    3. Do Not Perform the Inspection in Bad Weather

    A cloudy sky is a sign that a thunderstorm may be approaching. If you go up the roof, there is a big chance of being hit by a thunderbolt, as you become the highest point to attract it. Choose a sunny and warm day, when visibility is good so you can observe even the finest cracks around the fixtures.

    Don’t feel like climbing up on your roof, or feel safe and stable enough to do it, call on CCR Roofing in San Antonio to do it for you.