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    1. How long have you been in the roofing business?

    Experience matters a lot, especially in the case of a complex project such as roofing. And by “experience”, you should not understand only the years since the company is active in the roofing industry, but rather the roofing projects like yours the company has done so far.

    1. Are you licensed and insured?

    A reliable roofer will always be ready to offer you copies of their license and insurance certificates (liability and worker`s comp are essential!). If it doesn`t do that, look for another company.

    1. Are you certified by local authorities?

    It is important to work with roofers in San Antonio has locally, which actually has a local physical address and phone number and is state certified. This way, you can count on it to stand behind its work.

    1. What types of warranties will I get?

    A new roof typically comes with 2 types of warranties: for materials (offered by the manufacturer) and for the installation (offered by the professional roofing company you hire for this job). Additionally, you are also entitled to get warranty for roof repairs and other interventions.

    1. How do you handle payment?

    Talking about costs and payment options is very important; make sure it does not remain only a discussion, and all these details are also written in the contract.