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    Ask the Right Questions Hiring roofers

    Ideally, hiring a roofer should be a carefully planned and thought-out project – after all, the knowledge, the experience and the reliability of your roofers in San Antonio are important factors that will determine the quality of your new roof. Here are some topics to include into the interview when you talk to your prospective contractors:

    -Questions about license and insurance – you need a roofer who is allowed to operate legally and that is possible only if your roofer has a roofing license issued by your state and is also insured;

    -Experience – you need a roofer that knows the ins and outs of working with the type of material that you want on your roof, so interview the roofers about their portfolio;

    -The roofing process – find out everything about the steps of the roofing process, including the initial site preparation and the disposal of the waste generated during the work, too. Ask questions about the size and the composition of the team that will work on your roof as well;

    -Warranties – new roofs come with a warranty issued by the manufacturer of the roofing materials as well as with a labor warranty issued by the roofer. Find out how the roofer handles the aspect.