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    Some roofing issues can be easily solved by amateur roofers and there are roofing-related questions that you can easily answer on your own. However, some roofing questions can be answered only by roofers trained to assess the condition of roofs accurately and to determine the best course of action in situations when there are too many possibilities – here are some of these questions:

    – Repair or replacement – roofs can be tricky especially when you are roofing San Antonio homes. There are roofs that look really bad, but are easy to fix and there are roofs that still look fairly good to the untrained eye, but are beyond repair. Consult a roofing expert before starting any kind of repair or replacement project – your specialist might bring new ideas to the table and he might propose better solutions than the ones that you have come up with;

    – How much it will all cost – roofing experts can provide a much more realistic and much more accurate cost estimate than the calculation that you can make on your own, so turn to a professional to ask about your roof-related costs;

    – Permits and building codes – whenever you plan to start a major roofing project, ask your roofer whether you need any permits for the project and also find out about the building regulation that your roof must comply with.

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