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    As a realtor, we understand how important your inspection reports and buyers themselves can be. Finding problems with an existing roof isn’t always easy, but we make it our priority to repair and replace whatever the issue may be. When leaks go undetected, roof problems can lower the overall property value. If repairs aren’t done correctly or in a timely manner, we’re mindful your buyer can simply walk away.

    When you work with CCR Roofing we strive for a simple and straightforward process when it comes to repairs and roof replacements. Our team of roofing experts are well versed in projects that include residential, multi-family, and commercial clients.

    We begin by accommodating your schedule and making sure we keep you in the loop with any changes that may come up. Tight deadlines and appointments are met on time and at your convenience. We can also provide drone imaging and detailed reports that include estimates and cost write-ups for any work performed. Each item and possible option will be explained line by line to you and your client so you may understand what it all means.

    At CCR Roofing, we aim to please and exceed expectations each and every time. Should you need our roofing services or just an inspection, give us a call! Our estimates are free and we always welcome an opportunity to serve you and your clients. Contact us today!

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