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    The roof of a house is as important as the foundation. It must protect the entire building from weather and fire, resist corrosion and temperature changes. Having the best roofer Austin has to install and maintain your roof is important.  Here are the main categories of materials used to cover residential buildings:

    Tin roof

    Of all the materials used for roofing, tin best combines qualities such as strength, flexibility, light weight and ease of installation. In addition, lately, the appearance and performance of tin roofs have been constantly improved so that they are now more aesthetic and resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, UV radiation and temperature variations.


    There are 3 types of tiles – metal, ceramic and concrete. All are very resistant in any type of climate (the lifespan of a tile roof is estimated at over 50 years, reaching even 100 years in the case of ceramic tiles) and fit any building design and architecture.

    Bituminous shingles

    Bituminous shingles are made of ceramic granules, a bituminous layer and a reinforcement layer, being a modern and popular solution for covering residential buildings. Bituminous shingles are resistant to water, fire and ultraviolet radiation and are available in a wide range of colors. Easy to cut, to handle and to fix, this type of roofing material is compatible with various roof edges and drainage systems, no longer requiring special accessories, like other types of roofing.

    Fiberglass shingles

    The compositional difference between bituminous shingles fiberglass shingles is not very significant. In the second case, a fiberglass-based hardener is added in the composition, and the amount of bitumen is reduced.