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    Roofing Austin Homes Design Ideas

    There is no standard advice for choosing and building a roof for your home. In the end, everything depends on the structure of the house, the weather in your area throughout the year, the degree of thermal and sound insulation you want and the form of the roof (pitched or flat). Only then you can start thinking about the style, materials etc.  Asking professionals with extensive knowledge in roofing Austin homes is a great place to start.

    Here are two roof design ideas that are more and more popular in modern-style homes.


    Flat roof

    As the name suggests, this type of roof has no slopes. Flat roofs have been used in the past for commercial and industrial buildings, but today people discover more and more their versatility which makes them integrate perfectly into the modern style of residential buildings.


    • The flat space offers the possibility have a small garden on the roof, or store air conditioning units or solar panels, if you want to build a “green” home with an independent energy system
    • Although roof membranes offer very high efficiency nowadays, a flat roof is not recommended in areas with abundant precipitations


    Butterfly roof

    This type of roof is designed in the form of the letter “V”, with two slopes joining at an inner angle, being an excellent complement for modern buildings.


    • The central section allows efficient water drainage, especially if you attach a pipe to direct is safely off the roof
    • Solar panels can be installed on such a roof
    • The complexity of the butterfly roof increases the construction costs, but also those related to periodic maintenance