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    Spring is the time when nature revives and also the time when homeowners go out to check whether the cold season has caused any damage to their property that needs repair. The roof being among the most exposed and most sensitive components of any building, it needs to be on your after-winter checklist of the maintenance operations that you do around the house – here are the most important things to do on your roof when the snow is gone:

    – Cleaning – dust, twigs, branches, leaves accumulate on the roof and in the gutters over winter, so the first thing you need to take care of in spring is the removal of all the debris.

    – Inspection – when the roof is clean, you can continue with a detailed inspection of the roof and the gutters by local San Antonio roof repair experts. Perform not only a visual inspection, but a manual check as well, especially if you have shingle roofing – run your hand on the surface of the roof to find hairline cracks and uneven surfaces that can indicate damage.

    – Examine the flashing around the chimneys and the skylights – damaged flashing is the most common cause of leaks, but it is a damage that is easy to fix, too.

    Source: Live Site