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    Roof Repair and Storm Damage: What Should You Do When the Big Storm Hits? -


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    Storm damage is a problem that many homeowners and building owners have to deal with on a regular basis. In most cases, the roof is the main victim here, as storms typically blow through almost vertically, hitting the roof head on and sometimes causing significant water damage, leaks or problems such as damaged shingles, flashing and gutters.

    When a storm hits, it’s important to make sure that you’ve taken care of any cleaning and maintenance tasks required for your roof. So, if you know that the rainy season is on its way, make sure you get up on that ladder and inspect your roof or call CCR Roofing of Austin for a roof inspection.

    Another thing to do is assess the damage after most storms. Powerful thunder storms, as well as storms involving strong winds and hail should be first on your list, but don’t underestimate sand storms and snow storms either.

    If you spotted some obvious roofing damage, leaks or other problems, don’t just call your local roofer immediately to take care of it. Make sure you also discuss with them the possibility that additional, hidden damage might be present, so they can come by, provide you with a thorough roof examination, and give you a detailed, written estimate on what each of the repairs would entail and cost.