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    Complete replacement of a metal roof may not be necessary for a few decades after the installation, and repairs usually come down to eliminating local damage.

    The most common repairs to metal roofs are related to the restoration of joints and the protection of the surface against corrosion, which inevitably occurs under the influence of precipitation. For this purpose, the metal roof is painted with a special, anti-corrosion paint.

    If there is rust on its surface, it must first be removed completely, before applying a new paint treatment.

    It is good to know that the properties of galvanized metal differ from those of ordinary metal. Thus, if the roof is painted with a simple oil or alkyd paint, it will react with zinc, which will cause it to quickly peel off. A layer of such paint will last no more than one season. Therefore, it is necessary to choose paints with greater adhesion and elasticity. Such paints include, for example, acrylic primer enamel or other paints with similar characteristics. They are more expensive than conventional paints, but it is better to use an expensive high-quality paint than to have to repaint the roof every year.

    Keep in mind that repairing your metal roof for cheap doesn’t mean making major compromises on quality. Choose quality materials and one of the professional San Antonio roofing companies to make the necessary repairs!

    You can reduce costs significantly through timely measures taken for the preventive maintenance of your metal roof, which will help extend its lifespan and postpone the need for repairs.