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    When it comes to roofing in San Antonio, there are particularities of the local climate that roofing companies San Antonio area must take into account. Consequently, most of them are specialized in certain types of roofing that work best to protect the buildings in the area.

    An important distinction between commercial and residential roofing comes from the roofing systems themselves.

    Generally, residential roofs are pitched and may have complex shapes. They can be covered with tiles, shingles, panels or shakes, made from various materials – the most commonly seen on homes in San Antonio being asphalt shingles, metal shingles and ceramic or concrete tiles. Solar panels are a newer addition, but many roofing companies in San Antonio already specialize in their installation.

    As for commercial buildings, they typically have simple flat roofs. Companies specialized in commercial roofing offer various cover options, from metal panels to single-ply membranes and liquid coatings. However, considering the climatic challenges that we face nowadays, green roofs are also becoming increasingly popular and many roofers in San Antonio are ready to transform a flat roof into a rooftop garden that will function as a mini eco system while also improving the city’s air quality.