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    Extreme weather may damage your house and your roof. Clearly, nobody wants to think about the worst scenario, but we should still learn how to deal with such emergency situations.

    Having insurance is essential, but make sure to check if the policy also covers your roof. Generally, the roof is included in the coverage, but if it is out of warranty, it may not be fully covered.

    If your roof gets damaged, know that you should fill the insurance claim as soon as possible, after the damaging event. The roof must be inspected immediately, preferably by a qualified roofer experienced in roofing San Antonio homes and businesses; additionally, you must gather as many evidence as possible. Make pictures before, during and after a storm or other meteorological event and be very descriptive when you fill the form. When you contact your insurance company, stay focused and provide the details required by the representative of the customer service.

    Know what to avoid!

    Do not call your insurer first. Call a roofing contractor instead, to assess the damage and receive a detailed estimate about damages and costs, as this is a valuable proof to add to your claim.

    The period for filling a claim vary from one insurance company to another, so make sure that you know it.

    Do not neglect documentation, because it is your responsibility to demonstrate that the damage was not your fault and that it could not be prevented.

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