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    Roofing Tips for Homeowners: What Happens When Your Roof Flashing Fails? -


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    Have you had your roof checked lately? What is the flashing like? If you haven’t had an expert take a look at your roof, it might be high time to do so, especially considering the damage that bad flashing could cause.

    The flashing present on your roof is there to protect your home from leaks. It is placed between roofing shingles, at corners or places where different areas of your roof meet at an angle. This is usually where water can most easily penetrate in the gap between roofing fixtures, so flashing is used as a special material to fill those gaps and prevent water from leaking through to your attic and ceilings.

    To protect your flashing, make sure you:

    · Preform frequent maintenance checks to make sure the flashing isn’t damaged.

    · Clean your roof or have it cleaned on a regular basis.

    · Avoid cheap roof coatings and materials that would damage your flashing and shingles.

    · Have your roof checked by the experts who have installed it – or at least by contractors who have used that particular flashing material for their projects.

    Having San Antonio roofing companies Keep track of flashing problems is essential, especially when you leave to go on holiday. A single leak can often cause a catastrophe over a few weeks of leaving it unchecked, especially when summer rainfall is frequent in some areas on a daily basis.

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