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    Safety Measures to Take on a Roofing Job Site – Preparing Your Home and Garden -


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    Whether you have a modern home with an outdoor kitchen or one featuring stylish siding and a beautiful garden, all the elements involved with your home will require protecting once the area becomes a genuine roofing job site. Not all contractors and roofing technicians are considerate enough to make sure your home and landscaping is completely protected from damage, so you’ll often have to take a few important measures yourself:

    · Start by asking your Austin roofing specialist for recommendations on protecting your home, and make sure you ask for a second opinion, especially if your current roofing technicians don’t seem to be too worried about what could happen.

    · Cover any appliances in your outdoor kitchen and make sure your garden and any other sensitive area of your home exterior is properly covered and protected.

    · Cut down the longer branches of trees that are somewhat more fragile and could be damaged or could interfere with the work that your roofers are doing.

    · Finally, make sure any toys, swings and outdoor equipment like lawn mowers are safely out of the way. The job site should be kept free of any unnecessary items that could be damaged, for example, if pieces of shingles or rubble fall on top of them.

    Source: Live Site