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    Roofing Companies Hanging Christmas Lights

    The holiday season comes with lots of excitement and work – gifts and dinner menus are figured out, shopping and cleaning are done extensively, decorations for the home interior, for the front yard and the roof are hauled out of their year-long storage place and installed. Roof decorations are great ways to attract the attention of the people passing by your house as well as to create the right holiday mood for your household and your guests, but you can enjoy your roof lights and other décor elements in a carefree manner only if they are installed safely – here are some tips how to avoid any dangers:

    – Use only lights approved for being used outside – unsuitable lights pose the risk of injuries and fires, so make sure that you have suitable lights;
    – Stay away from power lines – whatever decoration you want to install, make sure that there is a distance of at least ten feet between the decorations and the power line;
    – Use suitable fasteners – nails, screws and staples will punch holes in your roofing cover, so they are not suitable for installing roof decorations. Use adhesive tape and other fasteners made especially for roofs;
    – Use a safe and stable ladder and wear suitable work clothes for climbing up to the roof.  Make sure all roof repair is complete for winter, contact