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    Working at height means working in any place where, unless safety measures are taken, a person may fall, resulting injury or death. Falling from height is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the roofing business.

    The three safety rules that must be applied for roofing employees are:

    · avoiding work at height

    · preventing falls

    · reducing the effects of a fall

    Avoiding to work on the roof might sound like a paradox for a roofing worker, but the reality is that there are many operations that can be accomplished (and it is recommended to be accomplished) on the ground. However, in all the other situations when the roof must be climbed, prevention is mandatory.

    How do you prevent the fall when working on the roof?

    First, prevention can be achieved by climbing on a secure area (for example, on a roof with a perimeter guardrail, which is a system designed precisely to keep roofers safe while working. There are portable and permanently installed guardrails and they are suitable for flat roofs. In the case of other types of roofs, it is required the use of mobile lifting platforms or tie-off equipment (horizontal lifelines or single point anchors). At CCR Roofing safety is always our first priority, you can find us at We love helping our community.

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