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    Helpful Tips San Antonio Roofing

    If you live in San Antonio, Texas, storms can sometimes affect the condition of your San Antonio roofing system. So here are a few tips:

    • Have your roof inspected regularly by a professional team. This should be done at least once a year and also preferably immediately after each storm event. It can help you save good deals of money for often expensive repairs.
    • Keep your gutters clean at all times. Gutters which get clogged can lead to serious damages to your roof, making it possible for moisture to enter your house.
    • Remove moss and mold completely. Moss can be found especially in areas surrounding big trees. A good way to do that is spray moss remover, but you can find other solutions also.
    • Trimming overhanging branches is another important action to be taken in order to prevent Texas roof storm damage.
    • Check the state of your chimney and vent openings-this part is more likely to get neglected, but they can also let water inside your building, so it is best to pay some attention to them also.
    • Reapply roof sealant whenever it is necessary. This has to be done if your sealant looks worn out.