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    Metal roofs are extremely popular today and we see them everywhere, on residential, commercial or industrial buildings. There are different types of metal profiles and styles that can fit on almost any construction.

    The long life of metal roofs is one of the major advantages. Many metal roofing companies offer a warranty period of 30-50 years. This is a considerably longer period than in the case of common materials such as asphalt shingles.

    A metal roof is non-flammable, which means that it has excellent fire resistance properties. Moreover, it is practically impervious to rain, snow and external influences, such as temperatures variations and strong winds that do not impact its integrity.

    Disadvantages to consider when choosing a metal roof

    Despite the fact that metal roofs are so popular, they also have a number of disadvantages that you must take into account when choosing one. Two of the main disadvantages of metal roofs are the slippery surface and the fact that they can be quite noisy, especially during a storm.

    The surface of this type of roof is susceptible to deformation and can be damaged by hail, and when the surface of the metal roof is damaged, there is a high risk of corrosion, seek out for the best roofing solutions.