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    Everyone already knows that roof replacements are a lot more expensive than a basic roof repair. However, whether or not your home needs a new roof is debatable. While some experts will tell you that it’s safer to replace your roof before it reaches the end of its life, others argue that, with a sturdy repair job and a few upgrades, you can even extend your roof’s life span considerably.


    Of course, each case is different, and you won’t really know what works in your case unless you actually have one of the roofing companies San Antonio has locally come over and inspect the entire roofing system – from the smallest cracked shingle to the leak in the attic and the ventilation issues that may have made your home feel much hotter in the summer.


    In some cases, deciding to replace your roof will depend on very small details that, however, cannot be addressed unless the entire roof is stripped down first. These are typically issues associated with the interior structure of the roof, such as rotten parts of the decking and severe water damage that has affected it over a long period of time.


    Also, if your roof had an initial 20-year warranty, and it’s already been up for more than 25 years, that’s a definite sign you should consider replacing it, especially if it’s damaged or there are signs that it could easily be damaged by the next big storm.