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    Should You Get Your Soffit and Fascia Replaced When You Get a New Roof? -


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    soffit and fascia roofers in austin replace roof

    The soffit and the fascia are architectural elements located right under the roof – the soffit is the material that covers the eaves, while the fascia is the component that makes the roof line that roofers in Austin complete. The most common materials for both soffits and fascia are wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiber cement, all of them great, durable materials that ensure that the two building components can fulfil their protection roles – the fascia closes the gap between the roof and the walls, while the soffit protects the rafters.

    Whenever your roof is replaced, you will probably need to replace the soffit and the fascia as well. In some rare cases, the boards that make up the two components can be salvaged and reused, but installing used material in places that are so important for the health and the safety of your roof as well as of your walls is not recommended by the experts. Fortunately, soffit and fascia boards are not expensive and the installation of the materials will not significantly prolong the duration of your roofing project. This means that you will need to invest only a little time and money and you will have the peace of mind that your entire new roof is brand-new and as strong as you want it to be.