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    How long is it since you last waterproofed your roof? A few years? Or you have no idea at all? The roof, however, has its own way of letting you know that you should put this maintenance activity on your list of expenses. It is a necessary one – because a leaking roof can invite fungus and mold in your home, putting your entire family at risk.

    Warning Signs that Your Roof Needs Waterproofing

    1. Sand in the Gutter

    The grainy, black sand you notice in the gutter is not sand at all – but particles from the top surface of the shingles in your roof. When these shingles start losing their protective top coating, they will start absorbing water very soon. Once the shingles become waterlogged, it is only a matter of time before liquid seeps through the insulation and inside your house.

    2. Buckling or Curled Shingles

    Any uneven aspect of the roof is a cause of concern. Buckling or curling shingles have reached the end of their useful life and must be replaced as soon as possible. This is usually the result of poorly installed underlayment, so you should instruct the roofing contractor to take a look at it, as well.

    3. Stains on the Ceiling and in the Attic

    Do not overlook wet or dried stains on the ceiling or in the attic. These are clear signs that water is leaking inside your house – and this means that there is a crack on the roof or there are missing or damaged shingles. Do not wait until the problem becomes more serious – fix and waterproof your roof now, stop by!

    Source: Live Site