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    Roofing Company Time For Roof Repair

    In addition to the protection role it has against the weather, the roof complements the exterior design of the house in an aesthetic way, reflecting the owner’s personality. The entire structure of the home must be durable and all building materials must have superior characteristics in terms of quality, durability and reliability.

    Signs indicating it`s time to repair your roof:

    Damage to the roof framing

    For optimum support of the cover, the roof framing must be very strong and durable. The problems arise in the case of wooden frames and concern two aspects: resistance and mildew. Under extreme humidity, wood gets affected by mold and loses its resistance. If such problems are not fixed promptly, the roof may collapse.

    Damage to the cover materials

    • Broken, missing or curled shingles
    • Loose fasteners and accessories
    • Apparition of mold and mildew
    • Low thermal insulation and waterproofing, which will reflect in the comfort of the owners
    • Unsightly exterior appearance of the roof because of discoloration (especially as a result of poor resistance to UV radiation) or black spots (humidity, mold)

    Defects in the pluvial system

    • Sagging or collapsing gutters and downspouts
    • Insufficient resistance to heavy loads
    • In the absence of a fully functional pluvial system, water can leak on the walls of the house, affecting both the resistance structure and the foundation

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