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    Most people pay a good attention to the interior of their houses, by getting chores done regularly, making remodeling projects now and then etc. The exterior of the house and maybe especially the roof should get the same attention especially that it has more than an aesthetic purpose.

    The roof should be kept clean. This is the basic thing each building owner can do to ensure the functionality of the roof and its durability. This essential service has to be included in the regular maintenance operations that must be performed at least once a year. But why is cleaning the roof so important?

    Cleaning the roof involves removing dirt and debris that favor moisture and vegetation buildup that will deteriorate the cover material. It also includes keeping the drainage system functional and able to direct water away from the building.

    A professional cleaning by one of the recommended roofing companies in Austin can also be seen as an opportunity to inspect the roof and identify potential damages. Not least, it has an aesthetic purpose: your roof will look better when it is kept clean and the colors will not fade that soon.

    The signs indicating that you must schedule a roof cleaning operation include dull roof color and diminished curb appeal, signs of moss and mildew (green or black areas on the shingles), or leaves falling from the trees in autumn.