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    The first thing you should do to increase the lifespan of your roof is to schedule regular repairs and other maintenance operations.

    But how can you figure out if it is time to repair the roof or simply to clean the gutters? The answer is quite simple and involves knowing how to identify certain signs.

    One of the simplest things you can do is checking the ceilings and the interior walls. Look for signs of mold and moisture. The mold is not so difficult to notice and even if you do not see it, you probably feel it, because its development leads to health issues, especially in people suffering from respiratory disorders.

    Other seeds indicating the need for immediate repairs:

    · Broken tiles or missing tiles – plucked or destroyed by storms

    · Deformed tiles – obsolete, curved at the edges, that have gone through frost and have been struck by the sun for a long time

    · Lack of shingle granulation – their loss speeds up the aging process of the roof cover.

    If you regularly have roof repair San Antonio professionals check the roof and make the necessary repairs, they will not necessarily be difficult or costly. But if you neglect the roof, small problems can turn into disasters when you expect the least.