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    Signs of A Leaky Roof and What to Do About It -


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    The most obvious sign of a roof leak is water dripping or pouring through the ceiling in your room, but fortunately, there are many signs that indicate leaks in a more subtle way and are easier to fix, too. Here is what to pay attention to:

    -Spots on the exterior walls – roof leaks can soak the walls right under the roof, so if you see any dampness in the area, the culprit might be a leak on the roof;

    -Spots appear on your ceilings or on your interior walls – they are not as obvious as large, damp patches, but if you see discolorations on your walls and ceilings and other causes can be excluded, you should check the roof and the attic to see where water penetrates the Austin roofing structure;

    -Humid air in your rooms – if freshly washed clothes develop a musty smell almost instantly or if you notice any other signs of excessive moisture, such as steamy windows and all-around dampness, you should go to the attic to check for droplets of water and you should take a closer look at the roof surface as well, especially to the areas covered in flashing, around the roof openings.