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    Spring To do list CCR Roofing

    Spring is a busy period for homeowners – when winter is over, it is time to perform all sorts of maintenance tasks around the house, including roof maintenance. Here is what you need to do on your roof this spring:

    -Roof and gutter cleaning – the past winter has probably left behind lots of debris and dirt on your roof and on your gutters. You need to remove all that dirt, sweeping your roof and scraping your gutters;

    -Inspections – even the thinnest hairline crack can quickly turn in to a large problem, so both the roof surface and the gutter pipes need to be inspected for faults;

    -Timely repairs – all the faults detected need to be fixed right away to prevent any aggravations;

    -Trimming old trees – the winter has probably affected your old trees as well. Inspect them paying special attention to the large limbs that overhang the roofs and cut off any weakened branch that might pose problems.

    If you don’t feel comfortable working at heights, you can hire a roofer at Https:// to perform your spring maintenance for you – it is a safe, efficient and affordable way to ensure the health of your roof for the upcoming warm seasons.