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    Considering the importance of a roof for a building, it must be treated with special attention. Depending on the type of the roof and the materials used to cover it, maintenance work must be carried out periodically, from cleaning algae, moss, mud or dirt, to detecting leaks or cracks and replacing tiles/ patching membranes.

    Roof maintenance and repair works (or new roof installation, if necessary) are operations that must be performed promptly, for as few risks as possible for the building. The best time is spring, because winter weather may take its toll on a roof.

    Think about this: the main goal of roof maintenance is to prevent serious damage with severe consequences on your comfort and budget. Scheduling roof maintenance with one of the roofing companies San Antonio in the spring will allow you to know that your roof came out well of the winter, or you will have the opportunity to fix the identified vulnerabilities in the right time.

    Here are some maintenance operations that are good to be done in the spring:

    -checking the attic and the roof insulation

    -checking the roof ventilation to prevent moisture and its unwanted effects

    -checking the roof cover (its integrity, accessories etc.)

    -checking the rainwater system

    -roof cleaning

    -trimming tree branches that grow above the roof or too close to it.