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    When it comes to commercial roofing, the roof designs and materials that are used can be more expensive and require more complex repairs than residential roofs. The following are a few of the main concerns to keep track of in order to prevent roof deterioration from getting out of hand:

    · If you look inside your building, whether on the walls or in the attic – if applicable – you might notice signs such as mold, stains on the ceilings and walls, an increased number of parasites and insects, as well as a greater amount of moisture. These are typically signs that your damaged roof is pulling water into the premises of your building’s interior, and repairs are in order.

    · The roof surface might be “bubbling” and the roof support fixtures might need repairs and better maintenance. The so-called bubbling action happens when water seeps through the surface of a membrane roof. Pooling can also occur, and should these problems remain unchecked, further deterioration might happen as well.

    · If you own a sloped roof, you might notice deterioration in the flashing or at least a few broken or missing shingles. These are sure signs that you need to call on your local contractors for a roof repair quote.

    Should you experience any of the aforementioned signs, you have to take proper measures to prevent further damage and repair the existing problems. Contact a local roof repair San Antonio contractor for a roof inspection and roof repair estimate today.

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