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    If you are worried that your roof might get damaged by harsh Texas weather, but you don’t know what to look for, here are 5 of the most common roofing issues that you need to pay attention to:

    – Damage caused by pests and rodents – insects, such as termites and animals, such as squirrels, birds or raccoons love to spend time in the shades provided by roofs and they also love to move in completely, building nests underneath your roof or inside your gutters. To prevent this issue, have the local San Antonio roofing companies inspect your roof twice a year and drive the intruders away;

    – Pooling water – if your gutters or your roof valleys are not properly cleaned, the debris tends gather rain water, which can lead to roof leaks and wet walls;

    – Damage caused by the wind – Texas is known as a stormy state and storms here are accompanied by strong winds as well. High winds can damage any type of roof, so when the storm subsides, you need to go up to check your roof for any displaced components as well as for cracked, chipped or blown-off components and to fix any damage as quickly as you can before the next storm hits;

    – Damage caused by trees – tree branches reaching onto your roof can be dangerous for the roofing not only because they can break and fall on the roof, but also because their leaves and twigs can clog your gutters and your chimneys;

    – Flashing damage – the damage sustained by the protective flashing around skylights and chimneys is among the most common causes of roof leaks.

    Source: Live Site