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    Roofers Roof Repair Average Costs

    The average cost of roof repair is in the $300- $1,100 range, though minor repairs can cost as little as $100 and the costs of complex repairs can reach $3,000. Here are the factors that will influence the final amount to be paid:

    • The roofing material – metal and asphalt shingles are quite easy to work with, therefore the related repair costs are also lower than in the case of more complex materials, such as slate or wood, materials that require roofers in Austin specialized knowledge and tools to handle;
    • The roof design – flat roofs or pitched roofs that feature a single angle and do not have features that increase the complexity of the repair, such as skylights, are usually cheaper to repair than the roofs that slope in multiple angles;
    • The complexity of the repair – replacing a couple of shingles or tiles on the roof is cheaper than the repairs that involve the roof’s support structure, such as the repair or the replacement of the beams or planks, and requires work done underneath the roof;
    • Timing – roofing repair costs vary seasonally, too. The period from spring through fall is the peak period for most roofers, which increases the price of the repairs, but most roofers decrease their rates in fall and winter, when they get less work.