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    The Average Timespans of Roof Replacements – Factors that Influence Project Duration -


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    Roof replacement can take any amount of time from one day to several weeks – here are the factors that influence the length of the period for which you will have to endure the disruption:

    – The weather – roof replacement work can be done only when the weather is warm and dry,. This means that rainy and windy days or forecasted bad weather will significantly prolong the replacement project;

    – Complexity – roofs that feature a simple design can be replaced more easily by even the expert San Antonio roofing companies, than roofs with more complicated designs that include multiple slopes and features, such as skylights and multiple chimneys;

    – The size – the replacement of a smaller roof will obviously take shorter than the replacement of a larger structure, so square footage is also a factor that influences the amount of time necessary to complete the replacement;

    – The size of the roofing team – the larger the team, the faster they can work;

    – The replacement process – some modern roofing materials, such as metal roofing systems, can be installed on top of the old roof, without having to remove the old roofing if the underlying structures are sufficiently strong. Not having to spend time with the removal of the old roof significantly shortens the roof replacement process.