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    What type of roof would you want to get for your roofing San Antonio home project? Regardless of whether you just moved to the area, or you’re simply thinking of renovating your home and a new roof is first on your list, choosing the right materials to protect your roof and possibly increase your home value in the process is among the most important things you have to consider.

    When you ask just about any professional roofer in San Antonio, they’ll generally point you in the direction of materials such as various metals, clay, slate or concrete. Some might recommend wood or architectural shingles as well, in case you want an added boost of style, but these roofing products are generally considered to be less durable and efficient, as well as more high maintenance than the ones previously mentioned.

    Each material has its own unique advantages. Slate has outstanding durability, while concrete and clay are both very heavy and resilient. In a tile configuration, these materials will withstand the strong winds and storms you might experience in San Antonio extremely well. Some metal roofs might not be as durable as concrete or slate, but they are far more balanced and low-maintenance.

    Moreover, metal has exceptional qualities as a cool roof and energy efficient roof, so you won’t have to worry about your home becoming overheated during those difficult summer months that San Antonio residents are well-acquainted with.