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    clay tile roofing perfect roof materialIt doesn’t matter if you want your roof to be more durable or more affordable, Austin experts will help you decide what the best choice is for your roof and get the most for your money. Professionals in Austin such as CCR Roofing can provide you with a wealth of information to make sure that you can make a confident decision on the type of roof you need.


    According to most roofing professionals, the weather in Austin requires superior quality roofing materials to prevent the need to replace your roof too often. As such, instead of regular asphalt shingles, roofing companies in Austin recommend that you get a sturdier composite shingle roof and that, if you want the most durable type of roof you go for clay or concrete – which are both able to withstand the test of time and are also quite robust.


    Metal is considered the best roofing material for the Austin weather because of its resilience in the face of many different types of stressors and its ability to fend off the heavy storms and intense winds that sometimes hit the region.


    Austin roofing companies recommend either a standing seam custom metal roof or a screw down metal roof design that features exposed fasteners. The latter is obviously a less durable solution, and most experts will be inclined to point out that standing seam roofs are the better choice because their fasteners are more protected and, therefore, the roof is less likely to be heavily affected by bad weather.  For one of the best in San Antonio roof installation look to