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    One of the most important steps in a house building project is choosing and installing the roof. It should be the right one for your home, so that it protects you from the elements, from storms and from being exposed to water and moisture. But what are the features that define a roof resistant to storm damage?

    When choosing a roof covering, you have many options, each material having its advantages or disadvantages, it’s advised to check with a roofer Austin has to know your choices. If you want a storm resistant roof, you should opt for materials which provide not only great protection against rainfalls, but also against high winds. As such, taking into consideration a heavier material such as ceramic tiles or slate would be a wise choice.

    Accessories for a storm resistant roof

    There are many other accessories you will need, besides the roof cover. These include safety features, which are essential to any roof that is experiencing storm damage. A few examples:

    • The pluvial system ensures the collection and drainage of the water resulting from rain or the melting of snow and is usually made of gutters and downspouts
    • Valleys – they allow the water to be directed to the drainage system
    • Large and small ridges, as well as flashing also protect against water infiltration