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    The Best Roofing Systems for Commercial Buildings: What Are Commercial Built-Up Roofs? -


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    Built-up roofing systems are made to use multiple types of roof felts that are laminated together to create a multi-layered design that prevents almost any type of damage. As a flat roofing product, built-up roofing is usually used only in commercial roofing projects, being considered one of the best type of commercial roof currently on the market. CCR Roofing company offers commercial roofing systems that are dependable and long lasting.

    What’s so special about built-up roofing? Well, first we must look at the layered design and what it consists of. The bottom layer features sturdy steel decking which supports the weight of the roof, and can act as durable protection from the elements. Next, there are four other layers, which facilitate waterproofing, reinforcing and protection against rain, hail and other bad weather damage.

    On top of the metal deck can be found the fasteners, asphalt and insulation layers, which are topped by a layer of reinforced asphalt shingles covered by a protective sheet designed to keep the asphalt safe. This layered approach causes architectural shingles to be more resilient and to support a wider variety when it comes to a design that focuses more on structural integrity, appearance or longevity. Depending on what you need the most, a wide range of design options will be possible.

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