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    Best Season Time For Roofing

    Roofing work, especially projects like roof replacement, that involve the temporary exposure of the building interior to the elements, is best done when the weather is dry and warm, but not too hot. Here are some more tips about how to pick the best time for your replacement project:

    • The temperature – many roofing materials, including roof covering materials, adhesives and coating products come with limitations in terms of the outdoor temperature. The best way to ensure that all the materials to be used on your roof are handled correctly, pick a period when the weather is warm, but not excessively hot;
    • Precipitation – rainy and snowy weather is not ideal for roof replacement, so pick a period when the humidity in the air is low and no precipitation is in the forecast;
    • Wind – no roofing work can be done safely in high wind conditions.

    The periods of the year that best meet the above conditions are spring and early fall. This also means that the spring and the fall months are the busiest periods for CCR Roofing roofers, so if you want to get the work done among ideal conditions, start looking for a roofer early, before every contractor gets fully booked.