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    The Difference Between Regular Wear And Tear And Damage Caused By Inclement Weather -


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    Each construction element has a specific lifespan. Unpleasant situations can be prevented by paying more attention to this aspect. There are several signs that lead us to think that it might be time to replace the old roof with a new one, of a better and more durable quality.

    The roof must be replaced in two situations:

    -It is already old

    -It suffered irreparable damage caused by inclement weather

    How do you differentiate between these two situations?

    First of all, an old roof has exceeded the lifespan guaranteed by the manufacturer. For example, if you have a regular asphalt shingles roof, you must know that it is typically guaranteed for 15-20 years. There are other roof materials guaranteed for much longer periods, so it would be ideal to have the documents of the roof.  However, if you move into a house with a roof already installed, but the owner no longer has those initial documents, it would be good to hire a professional to inspect the roof and write you a report on its condition, including its wear and tear.

    As for damage caused by inclement weather, it is easier to identify because it happens as a result of extreme weather events or due to prolonged exposure to certain weather conditions (for example, if you live in an area prone to strong winds, the roof is likely to present, in time, specific damage caused by the wind).  No matter how the damage is done a qualified roofing company such as should be called immediately to do the repair, and keep the cost low.