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    The Dos and Don’ts of Roof Maintenance – Important Tips to Remember -


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    Roofer Austin Do's And Don'ts

    Roof maintenance comes with an important set of rules that every homeowner/roofer has to remember, whether they are used to complicated roofing tasks or not. Roof maintenance can lead to a longer lifespan and fewer repairs for your roof, if done right, but it can also spell disaster if done wrong.


    So make sure you keep track of the following dos and don’ts, if you want your roof to remain in good shape for a long time to come:


    1. Always clean your roof first. Beginning with any repairs or checking for leaks can be a big problem, if you haven’t cleaned your roof beforehand, since the present dirt and debris can easily get in the way and cause more problems.
    2. Never get on the roof without observing the right safety standards. Make sure the ladder, the safety harness and all the other safety equipment you use is up to date, and avoid at all costs getting on a sloped roof while it’s still wet.
    3. Don’t put off your necessary roof maintenance tasks. Roofing maintenance has to be done at least 1-2 times each year, so make sure you never take longer than 6 or 7 months between roof maintenance sessions, or hire a professional roofer Austin has to do the job on a regular basis and help you determine how often it’s needed.