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    Roofing Choice For San Antonio Homeowners

    The roof of a house should be chosen very carefully because it is of particular importance. From a technical point of view it provides protection against precipitation and low temperatures. From an aesthetic point of view, it enhances the appearance of the house, with its shape and orientation of the slopes, as well as the texture and chromaticity of the cover material.

    Permanently subjected to the vagaries of the time, it is necessary that the roof be made of a quality material that can withstand continuous contact with the environment. Metal roofs have become some of the most popular – and for a good reason.

    Composed of several layers, a metal tile is highly resistant to damage. Any scratches caused by its handling will not be visible due to the primer coat of the same color as the paint. The colors are very resistant to rust, oxidation, UV radiation and dust accumulation.

    After testing metal tiles under extreme conditions (at both very low temperatures and high temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius), their flame retardant qualities have been proven, as well as their capability to maintain their properties, including color.

    Metal roofs typically come with extended warranties. Also, due to their malleability, metal roofs can be adapted to many types of surfaces, thus giving the architect unlimited possibilities to create unique and innovative solutions.  In roofing San Antonio homes metal has become very desirable due to it’s aesthetic appeal.