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    People always needed a roof over their heads, whatever climate and era they lived in. Across the centuries, the shape of roofs evolved and so did the materials used for creating it. As it may be expected, natural materials were the first ones used for roofs.

    1. Clay Tiles

    Clay is the oldest type of roofing material identified by researchers. This type of tile is easy and inexpensive to make, so it remained popular for centuries, especially on homes belonging to less affluent people.

    2. Slate

    Slate is one of the most durable roofing materials even today. It is also quite expensive, so that you mostly find slate roofs on historic villas and mansions. Slate roofs are also very heavy, so they need a sturdy building structure.

    3. Wood

    Wood tiles are eco-friendly, affordable and available in a wide range of colors. Roof tiles are treated with special protective coatings and offer a good cost/benefit ratio. However, they have the most to suffer from extreme weather phenomena.

    4. Metal

    Metal is the most recent type of roofing materials. It is exceptionally resistant to weather conditions and regular wear and tear and requires the installation experience of roofing San Antonio professionals with little maintenance afterwards. Metal roofs can be painted into a variety of colors, including white to create a cool roof in hot climates.