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    The Most Common and Surprising Mistakes Homeowners Make When Leaving Town -


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    When you’re moving to a different town, you’re liable to make a lot of common mistakes that you don’t even think about. Selling the home you and your family have lived in for 2-3 decades can be stressful enough, but when you also have to keep track of how to manage your activities and your budget for the move, things can become even more disconcerting.

    One of the main mistakes is not calling the movers on time or not searching for a good storage company at least a few weeks in advance. Managing your inventory and making sure you move only the items you can to your new home (while ensuring you can safely store the rest), is one of the most basic necessities you’ll have to keep track of.

    Another mistake is to fail to coordinate your efforts with the people moving out of your new home. If that house is still populated but you made a mistake and told the new owners of your old house that you’ll move out soon, that will turn out to be a serious problem. You might even end up having to pay for added accommodation for a week or two.

    Finally, it’s commonplace that homeowners moving out of town would underestimate the renovation work that will be required at their new location. If your new home needs a complete makeover, you might be looking at a few weeks of stressful living for you and your family. So always make sure you plan ahead and keep track of all the work that needs to be done. To have a new roof installed prior to selling your home, call on the professionals at

    Source: Live Site