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    roofing tile austin companies installAustin roofing companies are very particular about the types of roofing products that they tend to use. While some roofers are able to provide better support than others, there is a general consensus as to the actual materials used for roof coating and how they should perform. The extreme sunlight and the occasional ravaging storms in the region has led experts to see that coatings have to be both resilient and UV-resistant, while also withstanding possible water damage from storms and rain.


    According to most expert roofing companies in Austin, the best two types of coatings that you can use include silicone and polyurethane coatings. Silicone is generally recommended to be used in areas where there is a high degree of UV radiation exposure on a daily basis. Because of the frequent sunlight in Austin, this material is ideal for helping your roof to cope with the difficult summer weather and the constant sun exposure in the area.


    If you want something that can withstand both sun and rain, you’ll be happiest using polyurethane coating. This type of coating is solvent based and can withstand high levels of tension and intense impacts. Polyurethane is great for being used to fend off rain and prevent damage from severe wind, storms and hail. It’s probably one of the most resilient types of coatings you can use.