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    Pros And Cons Of Asphalt Roofing San Antonio Roofing

    Asphalt roofs, like the roofs made from other materials, have distinctive pros and cons that prospective roof owners should take into account and weigh carefully before they choose asphalt – here are some of the factor that should influence your decision:

    • Cost – asphalt is the most affordable roofing solution. If properly installed and maintained, asphalt roofs can stay on for at least 10-17 years, so the material also offers an excellent price to value ratio. Asphalt shingles come in many different quality levels and price ranges, having great solutions to offer for any budget;
    • Protection – asphalt roofs are mostly recommended for mild climate zones, where they don’t have to endure extreme weather, such as gale-force winds, very wide temperature variations and excessive moisture;
    • Installation – the material is very easy to install, even without too much previous experience and without special tools. The material cannot be installed when the temperature falls to below freezing, but that is about the only limitation that you should pay attention to in terms of putting up your new asphalt roof;
    • Colors and styles – asphalt is a versatile material that comes in lots of different shapes, sizes, colors and textures, offering attractive solutions for any building style.  Asphalt roofing is the choice of many San Antonio roofing professionals.