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    The roofing company that you hire for the roofing job that you are planning, whether it is just a quick repair or a major roof replacement, has lots of influence on the quality, the durability, the curb appeal as well as on the price that you will have to pay for your roof structure, therefore selecting the right roofers in Austin Texas are among your most important tasks. Here are some tips to ensure that you work with the right contractor:

    -Check licenses and insurance – only roofers that are properly insured and licensed in your state can provide roofing services legally, therefore the roofer’s license, general liability and workers’ compensation insurance are the most important documents to check. You can conduct the verification online or you can ask the roofer to provide copies of the documents;

    -Check experience – most roofers specialize in particular types of materials and they usually have a portfolio of previous work, too, so make sure discuss the topics with the roofers you consider potentially suitable;

    -Request multiple cost estimates – try to contact at least three or four contractors to ask for roofing estimates, then compare the quotes in terms of material quality, warranties, deadlines and, of course, labor rates and material prices.